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Looking for more snap out of your Side x Side? A clutch kit maybe the answer for you.  Tire size, Type of riding you do, Elevation your riding at, Horse power all make a big difference in what clutch kit you choose.  If your not getting 100% out of your machine its just wasted energy.  Get the power to the ground where it belongs. 
We will work with you to select the correct and best options for you and your machine. 

Twisted-Innovations, Bikeman, Quad Shop Customs, KWI and other Side x Side Products, Hunterworks.
Stage 1 & 2 Clutch Kits RZR, Maverick & X3 
Bubba Rope Soft Shackle Mini Gator-Jaw 1/4" 11,000lb Capacity Pair
Team Primary and Secondary Springs

These high quality clutch springs are offered in a variety of spring rates to allow you to optimize the shift characteristics of your primary and secondary clutch's. Things such as elevation and tire size can have dramatic effect on the performance of your machine. Call for more information regarding your specific application.

Spring compression rated in pounds at ( 2.25" / 1.25" )    27.95*  Call or email for special pricing
We carry a full line of KWI and Quad Shop Customs clutching products.  If you do not see what you are looking for just call.  *Special pricing may apply to some items.  Simply contact us to verify pricing and availability.
​Square Slider Replacement Rollers

​Heavy Duty rollers replace the square slider blocks in the 2016 and newer B.O.S.S. secondary clutch.   Set of 2   $32.00

 Clutch Weights
Clutch Weights harness the horsepower of your RZR by transferring it more efficiently to the wheels. Their unique heavy heel and special weight profile provide substantially greater shift force, delivering improved acceleration and top speed. Other benefits include smoother engagement and very responsive back shift. Adjustable by adding weight via rivets (up to 6 grams per weight), this offers precise tuning ability for your application. Please inquire for recommendations. Sold per set of 3 including tuning rivets (six-1gram, six-2gram, and six-3gram rivets). 

*Rivets are machined to achieve specific weight tolerances.

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Mini Gator-Jaw® is a better built synthetic shackle with a breaking strength of 11,000 lbs! Starting with our uniquely designed button knot and self-tightening loop that will not to slip off during use. We use Plasma® the highest strength synthetic rope available with our proprietary vinyl urethane coating process for abrasion protection. We even pre-test every shackle before it’s packaged and shipped.  SOLD IN PAIRS    $42.99
Power Tank  -  Twisted-Innovations
Whether you're racing, rock crawling, hunting, or farming with your UTV you get flats. And flats suck. Power Tank knows this, so we make several products to get your flat tires repaired and aired back up in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Choose from a small kit that fits inside your glove box (PTM-0125) that holds enough air to fix 6 flats to a PT05 air system that fits on your roll cage and holds enough air to fix (46) flats, reseat tires, and run air tools.

All of these air systems are lightweight, small, and very easy to use and install. They can be refilled and should last a lifetime.   $494.95  Shipping charges will vary depending on location.

5 lb. PT System Basic
HP250i Regulator
Power Grip Guard
Armorcoat Tank
Chrome valve
30 Foot Superflex Hose
Coupler fittings
Tire Air Chuck
1/2" x 20' — The best ATV recovery rope on the market. This amazingly strong little Power Stretch™ snatch rope can safely extract ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-sides from the toughest situations. Its compact size stores easily in your gear bag or attached to your utility rack. Length is determined when rope is under load. Comes with its own mesh duffel bag.  $89.00

Out of stock  Please call for updates
LIL' BUBBA UTV Recovery Rope  Breaking Strength: 7,400 lbs.
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The S&B Particle Separator ejects 94% of the dusty air before it reaches your stock filter. This saves you time and money from constantly having to replace your air filter.    $399.00

Out of Stock   Please call for updates
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