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Looking for more snap out of your RZR 900 XP? Our stage 1 clutch kit offers just that! Increase acceleration and backshift. Available for stock machines for low altitude only. For modded machines, use specific, or high altitude kits please see our stage 2. Includes primary spring, secondary spring a BMP custom cut helix and adjustable high performance weight set.

159.95*  Call or email for special pricing                                                                                                                                         349.95*  Call or email for special pricing  
SLP & Bikeman ATV, Side xSide Products
Dayco® XTX (Extreme Torque) ATV Belt Introducing the most powerful belt built for the most extreme machines Daycos revolutionary new ATV belts are engineered for those monster machines powered by 800cc and above engines. ayco® XTX (Extreme Torque) ATV Belt Introducing the most powerful belt built for the most extreme machines Daycos revolutionary new ATV belts are engineered for those monster machines powered by 800cc and above engines.    Dayco Application Guide

DAYCO HPX BELT From mud hole to rocky trails to hill climbs to desert treks, Dayco HPX ATV Belts deliver unparalleled response. Constructed with extra strong p-aramid cord reinforcement and engineered fiber-loaded neoprene compounding this belt delivers the muscle and durability demanded by todays high performance engines and the high performance enthusiasts who drive them. Tested under severe field conditions, the Dayco HPX ATV Belt has been proven to run cooler and to provide longer belt life than competitive belts.                               129.00 
Stage 1 & 2 Clutch Kits RZR 900
Dayco Drive Belts
​RZR 800 Billet Overdrive Clutches
Contact Bikeman Performance Directly.  No longer available

Team Primary and Secondary Springs

These high quality clutch springs are offered in a variety of spring rates to allow you to optimize the shift characteristics of your primary and secondary clutch's. Things such as elevation and tire size can have dramatic effect on the performance of your machine. Call for more information regarding your specific application.

Spring compression rated in pounds at ( 2.25" / 1.25" )    24.95*  Call or email for special pricing
We carry a full line of SLP and Bikeman clutching products.  If you do not see what you are looking for just call.  *Special pricing may apply to all items.  Simply contact us to verify pricing and availability.
​Performance Slip-On Silencer for 2008-12 Polaris RZR 800
This performance slip-on silencer for the Polaris RZR 800 is designed for maximum airflow without substantially increasing sound level output. It provides a 79% increase in airflow over the stock silencer. This results in a substantial performance improvement, showing better throttle response as well as top-end horsepower. The sound levels are within 2 decibels of stock (90 dBA on the SAE J1287 test) for a trail friendly performance silencer. It also features a removable Forest Service approved spark arrestor.

No fueling changes required.   $279.95  Call or email for special pricing  
Clutching - SLP MTX™ Clutch Weights for 2010-12
SLP's MTX™ Clutch Weights harness the horsepower of your RZR 800 by transferring it more efficiently to the wheels. Their unique heavy heel and special weight profile provide substantially greater shift force, delivering improved acceleration and top speed. Other benefits include smoother engagement and very responsive back shift. Adjustable by adding weight via rivets (up to 6 grams per weight), this offers precise tuning ability for your application. Please inquire for recommendations. Sold per set of 3 including tuning rivets (six-1gram, six-2gram, and six-3gram rivets). 

*Rivets are machined to achieve specific weight tolerances.

Easy installation no shimming required. $104.95  Call for special pricing
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