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2010 to 2020 Polaris Pro Direct Replacement Rear Bumper.  Also available for late model Skidoo.
Our precision machined bumpers provide a much stronger connection to the tunnel via a fully CNC 6061 machined aluminum bracket. The brackets are designed to withstand a substantial load either from pulling forces or impact sources. The crossbar is a 1/8″ wall aluminum tube which is powder coated for rugged good looks. The tube fits into a machined recess in the bracket adding strength and rigidity to the system and your tunnel. All stainless steel hardware is included.

The “Short Bumper” is a direct replacement rear bumper that requires no drilling or special tools to install. Complete bumper weighs: 650 grams / 23 ounces.

The “Long Bumper” provides an additional 10 inches of tunnel support. You will need to drill 4 mounting holes for the additional supplied hardware. Overall length 20 1/2″. Complete bumper weighs 880 grams / 31 ounces.

These designs are a solid investment for those that like to ride hard, testing the boundaries of themselves and their equipment.   Free Shipping within the continental US

Short Version / Direct Replacement $139.00                               Long Version / $159.00
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