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Polaris Pro Clutch Cover  (Rev 2)
This new clutch cover is a direct replacement for the Polaris P-85 drive clutch. Machined from billet 6061 aluminum to provide the best performance advantage. It dissipates heat at a much higher rate than the stock cover due to its reduced mass and open air design. It is 50 grams lighter than the stock cover. We also have drilled and taped 1/4-20 holes around the entire perimeter to make balancing as easy as possible. To re-balance simply remove the set screws and start over with a clean slate.   If you have any questions regarding balancing your clutch please feel free to contact us.  

Happy Face Clutch Cover weighs 450 grams / 14 ounces.

This design is an excellent investment for those that like to ride hard, testing the boundaries of themselves and their equipment.   $235.00 (free shipping inside continental US)

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