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2013 - 2020 Polaris Drive Shaft Collar 
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The Polaris Fix to a real problem.
The Happy Face Fix to the same problem.  You decide who's looking out after the end user.
Our Design and manufacturing facility 
The CNC machined 6061 Aluminum HFPP Pro Collar will provide significant clamping force around the entire 2013 and 2020 Polaris drive shafts with equal forces applied at the correct location to allow for maximum holding power.

Allowances have been made to compensate for design tolerances in the 2013 - 2020  Polaris Drive shafts, assuring that the Pro Collar will fit every Pro shaft correctly.

We are not suggesting the Polaris clamp fix is not adequate, however the Happy Face Collar can not migrate on the drive shaft as a small clamp can. Once a clamp moves, its ability to provide adequate force is greatly diminished. Use you own judgment on which product will provide the best solution to this problem. $139.00 Cheep Insurance!  Free Shipping in the continental USA