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At Cascade Clutch & Performance, we take care to provide our customers with the highest quality services personalized for their unique needs.  Get in the habit of doing your balancing and services in the off season.  

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As our name implies we are a full service clutch shop.  We can do complete rebuilding or just a simple tune up.  It's all about getting the power to the ground. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to go over the details of what we can do to make your clutching as efficient as possible.  
Every clutch we receive will be put through an entire process of cleaning, media blasting, a checking of all the tolerances, bushings, springs and weights.  We will then discuss with you your riding habits, location, elevation and expectations.  We will then select the correct weights and springs to make your clutch perform at it's absolute best.
Clutching & Dynamic Balancing
​All clutch's must be clean to properly balance them.  We will be happy to clean your clutch for you.  If you are sending your clutch in for a complete service the cleaning and balancing will be included in our fee.  To clean a clutch properly it has to be dissembled.  Cleaning fee and balance only with no parts is $150.00.  
Balance only starting at $85.00 (multiple clutch discount pricing available)(each clutch comes with a balance certificate when completed showing initial unbalance and finial corrected balance.)
Complete Rebuild and Balance start at: $300.00 depending on parts needed. Basic rebuild parts are included.  Call to go over the details of your clutch.  Ship to address listed above.
Complete dis-assembly, inspection of parts, cleaning, balancing and re-assembly.  Please include your existing weights and spring.  Shipping will be calculated depending on location.  Feel free to email any questions to us and we will discuss your needs and exact pricing.

Why Balance your clutch?  

As a clutch wears the tolerances between the parts increase.  As the gaps get larger the balance of the clutch begins to decrease.  It takes very little change to cause very large unbalance numbers (grams) that begin to affect how smooth the clutch opperates.  What you feel as vibration is in fact unbalance of the primary clutch in most cases.  This vibration is transfered to the crank shaft and crank shaft bearings which shortens bearing and seal life considerably.  Just a 7 gram unbalance is like applying over a 100 pound weight to one side of your clutch when it turning 8000 RPM.  Again you only feel a vibration.  Balancing should be considered a yearly maintenance item.

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We provide complete snowmobile and UTV service.  Motors, Top Ends, Clutch alignments, Motor shimming (Skidoo using the Grip and Rip system) Oil changes, Damage repair, X-3 and P Drive clutches, RZR clutch alignments, and RZR Trans to Crank shaft spacing.
P-Drive Clutch Alignment System